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HackerOne Response
Enlist ethical hackers to help you find and act on vulnerabilities.
HackerOne Response is available free to all Coalition policyholders
Number of vulnerabilities reported in the U.S. National Vulnerability Database
Percent of breaches involved vulnerabilities for which a patch was available but not applied
The number of vulnerabilities needed for a hacker to breach a business’ defenses
Establish a compliant vulnerability assessment process for receiving and acting on vulnerabilities discovered by security researchers.
Stay Compliant
Establish an ISO 29147 compliant disclosure policy to safely receive and act on vulnerabilities discovered by external third-parties.
Reduced Risk
Work directly with ethical hackers to resolve critical security vulnerabilities efficiently before they can be criminally exploited.
Lower Premiums
Participants in HackerOne Response may be eligible for premium discounts at the time of policy purchase or renewal.
Case studies
See how Coalition’s Claims and Security Incident Response teams respond immediately to keep our customers safe.
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Get a free risk assessment
Get a free risk assessment and recommendations to reduce your risk.
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