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Coalition | Train your employees to become your first line of defense.

Security Awareness Training
Train your employees to become your first line of defense
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Did you know that over 90% of security incidents are caused by human error?
> 90%
Percent of claims caused by human error
Average funds stolen in a cyber crime incident
Number of employee mistakes to expose your organization to a claim
Why security awareness training? Social engineering, phishing, and ransomware. That’s why.
Reduce Risk
Coalition’s included Security Awareness Training app, provided in partnership with Curricula, simulates real-world cyberattacks against your employees, and then trains them how to defend against them. A security awareness training program can reduce your phishing-prone employee percentage to as low as 2%.
Stay Compliant
If your business accepts credit cards, collects health information, or operates in a regulated space, you may be required to provide security training to your employees. Coalition’s Security Awareness platform helps you comply with training requirements required by HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and NERC CIP, among others.
Save Money
Security awareness training works. So much so that Coalition provides premium discounts to policyholders with active training programs. Reduce your risk, and your insurance premium.
What's included?
Engaging, story-based videos
Curricula’s security awareness program delivers a series of short episodes throughout the year to train employees how to defend against today’s most common security threats, including phishing, weak passwords, ransomware, social engineering, and more.
Simulated phishing tests
Curricula also offers simulated phishing tests that help train policyholders to dodge real-world attacks. Users who click on these simulated links will be directed to a Curricula training module, and admins can view click rates on each campaign through their Curricula dashboard.
Discounted licenses
As a Coalition policyholder, you receive 15 free licenses, with more available at a Coalition-negotiated discount.
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Case studies
See Coalition in action, including how we helped a customer recover $1.3 million in stolen funds.
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Get a free risk assessment
Get a free risk assessment and recommendations to reduce your risk.
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