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Check Your Cyber Risk
Cyber risk is real
Every business is a target — no matter what industry or size.
Percent of cyber loss victims that are small to midsize businesses
4 in 5
SMBs report attacks evaded their antivirus and intrusion detection software
Average claim size for Coalition’s SMB policyholders
Coalition protects your business by preventing incidents before they occur
Our proactive cybersecurity platform saves your business time, money, and headaches. We provide our security tools at no additional cost to our insurance customers.
Credential Monitor
We alert you when your employees’ credentials, passwords, and data have been compromised in 3rd party data breaches.
Security Awareness Training
Over 90% of security incidents are caused by human error. Train your employees to avoid mishaps with our engaging, story-based employee training platform and simulated phishing emails.
Ransomware Prevention
Ransomware literally holds your computers and data hostage. Our software protects your business against 99% of known ransomware.
Patch Manager
We continually scan your systems for out-of-date software and vulnerabilities, and alert you immediately if we find something.
Threat Monitor
We constantly monitor for new risks, alerting you before damage is done.
DDoS Mitigation
A denial of service attack can cost a small or medium business over $200,000/hour. Our provided DDoS mitigation service is always-on, and can easily be set up in under 4 minutes.
HackerOne Response
Put the good guys on the attack. Enlist ethical hackers from HackerOne to help you find vulnerabilities so you can fix them.
24/7/365 security team
Coalition is the only cyber insurance provider with a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts available to you at all times.
Cyber Risk Assessment
Take charge of your cybersecurity with our included cyber risk assessment.
What our clients say
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I am most impressed by your service and security checklist. I have tremendous confidence in Coalition.
KUDOS on the security alerts! We received a Microsoft RDP vulnerability notification today and everyone is raving.... Keep it up!
I love that your security team is on call. It’s comforting to know we have you in our corner and available to help when questions/situations arise.
Cyber Insurance
Learn more about how our comprehensive cyber coverage keeps your business safe.
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