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Credential Monitor
We’re on the lookout, so you don’t have to be
Ongoing scanning for leaked passwords and information, because your business is more exposed than you think
Average number of exposed passwords for small to midsize business
Percent of hacking-related breaches that stem from stolen or weak passwords
Average loss from a ransomware attack for a small business
Coalition’s Credential Monitor helps you discover leaked passwords and information before a hacker does
Ongoing scanning of the dark web for exposed information
Many businesses are unaware they have information leaked on the Internet, which exposes them to substantial risk and gives hackers the keys to their front door. We continually scan the dark web for exposed information so you don’t have to.
Proactive notifications when we discover leaked information
We alert your organization as soon as we discover an employee’s password or personally identifying information (PII) on the dark web. We also provide recommendations on password managers and data encryption to keep your business safe.
Access to experts to improve your security
Have questions about how to secure your passwords or leaked information? Coalition’s in-house Security Team is available to help our policyholders. All security support that we provide before a claim occurs is free, so what are you waiting for?
Case studies
See how Coalition’s Claims and Security Incident Response teams respond immediately to keep our customers safe.
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Get a free risk assessment and recommendations to reduce your risk.
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