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From data breaches and denial of service attacks to theft of credit card data, retailers face a number of cyber risk exposures
Percent of retailers that experienced a data breach in the last year
Average claim size for Coalition’s SMB retail policyholders
Percent of cyber attacks on retailers stemming from denial of service (DDoS) and payment skimming attacks
Cyber insurance specifically designed to help retailers — both online and offline
Restoration of digital assets, including sensitive customer information and credit card records
PCI fines and penalties resulting from exposure of customer credit card data
Business interruption losses from cyber attacks against you or your suppliers
Enhanced coverage for denial of service (DDoS) attacks that impede legitimate traffic to your business
Funds transfer fraud losses arising from a security failure or social engineering
Costs to respond to a ransomware (extortion) incident
Coverage for consequential reputational harm loss, and media and PR costs to respond to an incident
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Illustration of a bird
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Coalition’s insurance products are offered with the financial security of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions* (A+ ratings by A.M. Best) and Arch Insurance Canada Ltd (A.M. Best A+ rating).
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*Insurance products are underwritten by Westport Insurance Corporation, a member of Swiss Re Corporate Solutions