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Prevent risks and attacks before they happen

Digital risk moves quickly. You need a partner that’s one step ahead.

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Active monitoring and alerting

keeps your business safe

Coalition's Active Risk Platform protects you in ways others can't


Identify and prevent risk before it escalates

We scan 4.5 billion IP addresses every month. Active monitoring of cyber exposures means we catch vulnerabilities before they escalate.


Personalised alerts to protect your business from threats

Personalised security recommendations identify the risks that impact the policyholder and provide actionable recommendations to minimize threats and resolve incidents.


24/7 access to security experts

Our expert security team helps our policyholders fix vulnerabilities, providing support and protection

Active protection is powered by the Coalition Data Platform


Advanced data capabilities

Public web scans billions of devices, signal intelligence from the dark web and real-time claims + IR data
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AI-powered analytics

Machine learning and applied AI allow us to search and analyze a massive set of shifting data to see what’s happening in near real time

Personalized monitoring and alerting

Our technology advantage allows us to create a personalized risk profile that can identify fast-moving risks and alert you to issues that require immediate action.
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Control your cyber risk in minutes

Coalition’s free active monitoring solution finds your organizational risk and shows you how to fix it. Sign up with just your email address and start controlling your risk today.