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Dynamic cyber risk demands coverage that can stay ahead

Coalition’s Active Cyber Insurance helps businesses stay ahead of cyber risk and mitigate financial losses in the event of an incident.

Traditional insurance isn’t built for

today’s cyber risk — so we went active

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Coalition’s Active Insurance combines comprehensive cyber coverage, innovative technology1, and expert, in-house support to help minimise the impact and frequency of cyber incidents a business experiences. Watch our video to see how Active Insurance helps prevent digital risk before it strikes.

Cyber coverage tailored to your organisation’s cyber risk needs

Active Insurance aims to protect the critical parts of your business from the most pervasive cyber threats to minimise and mitigate potential losses.*

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Separate limit for breach response

During a cyber incident, breach response expenses can add up fast. With cyber insurance, Coalition preserves policyholder’s limits for other important coverages.****

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Pay-on-behalf for cyber extortion

If a policyholder is required to pay a ransomware request, Coalition offers "pay-on-behalf" coverage that can minimise the associated out-of-pocket costs.

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Recovery for Funds Transfer Fraud (FTF)

Coalition is often able to claw back stolen funds thanks to our engagement with government and financial institutions.

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Lost income for business interruption

When a cyber attack brings a business offline, cyber insurance may cover those losses — even if it’s unintentional.

Coalition’s proven approach actively minimises cyber impact for our policyholders


fewer claims compared to the broader cyber market**


of reported events handled at no additional expense outside the policy**


of all FTF losses result in successful clawback recovery by Coalition**

See how Coalition Controlworks to help you stay ahead of risks

Take a closer look at how Coalition Control1 goes beyond risk assessment to help actively prevent cyber threats. Discover the easy-to-use features and benefits available to Coalition policyholders.

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We help protect organisations across a wide range of industries

Cybercriminals are industry agnostic — anyone can be a target. See how Coalition helps businesses across industries.

Protect against cyber risk with Coalition

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*Exclusions and limitations apply. See disclaimers and the policy as issued.
**Coalition Inc 2023 Cyber Claims Report (US data), Coalition Inc 2023 Cyber Claims Mid-year Report (US data)
***Incident response services and Coalition Security Services MDR services are provided by Coalition Incident Response, an affiliate of Coalition, Inc. Incident response services are offered to policyholders as an option via our incident response firm panel.
****Breach Response is offered outside the policy limits via endorsement to SME insureds in selected industries requesting quotes under £5M in aggregate limit.
1 Provided by Coalition Inc.