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author Chris Hendricks
Coalition Blog Claims Report Mid-year Update 2023
Embracing Collaboration Amid Spike in Cyber ClaimsCyber claims are up, mainly due to increased ransomware. Learn what businesses can do and other key findings from the 2023 Cyber Claims Report Mid-year Update.
Chris HendricksSeptember 25, 2023
Coalition Blog-AIPhishing
How Artificial Intelligence Levels Up Email PhishingAs organizations turn to generative AI tools to assist with business operations, hackers also utilize these tools to create better phishing emails.
Chris HendricksMay 11, 2023
Coalition Blog Ransomware As A Service
Ransomware as a Service (RaaS): What brokers & businesses need to knowRansomware has become such a big business, there are even multi-level Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) business models, bringing in millions in revenue.
Chris HendricksMay 10, 2022
Is Business Software the Cause of Your Cyber Attack? Some business' cyber attacks may result from exploitable vulnerabilities within the software they are using, including online. Here are some factors to consider.
Chris HendricksMay 05, 2022
Coalition Active Alerts
Protecting businesses from cyber risk requires a new approachActive Insurance provides a coverage model that combines technology and insurance to help organizations assess, prevent, and respond to evolving digital risks.
Chris HendricksApril 19, 2022
Active Protection team at work
Active Insurance: how Active Protection helps reduce digital risksThe Active Protection aspect of Coalition's Insurance continuously monitors threats related to an insured’s business and issues alerts when risks are found.
Chris HendricksApril 12, 2022
2022 Claims Report Header
Coalition’s 2022 Cyber Claims Report: ransomware & FTF on the riseCoalition's 2022 Cyber Claims Report shares expert insights into the increasing pace, severity, and evolution of cyber attacks and predictions for 2022.
Chris HendricksMarch 15, 2022
Celebrating service: Coalition acknowledges our veterans
Chris HendricksNovember 09, 2021
Featured Image for How to combat alert fatigue and enhance your cybersecurity program
Combat alert fatigue and enhance your cybersecurity programCyber tools produce alerts, which often turn into spam. Users are exhausted, leading to cyber incidents. Luckily, there are things we can do to combat security alert fatigue.
Chris HendricksAugust 10, 2021