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Protect your patients’ data, not just their health

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One wrong click could expose a patient’s entire medical history.

Healthcare is the only industry where the risk of a threat is more likely to come from within the organization than from the outside.

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8 months

The average amount of time it takes healthcare organizations to identify a breach
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Percentage of breaches of healthcare companies that begin internally
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Average HIPAA fine for healthcare companies in 2018

Unique coverages tailor-made to cover the exposure of healthcare organizations

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Cost to comply with an OCR-mandated security assessment and program, as a result of a security failure or data breach that violates HIPAA privacy and security rules

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Restoration of digital assets, including sensitive patient information

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Business interruption from cyber attacks against the insured or their suppliers

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Funds transfer incurred from a security failure or social engineering attack

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Costs to respond to an extortion incident, including money, securities, and virtual currencies paid

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Costs to replace computer systems and other technology damaged in a cyber attack