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Cyber Insurance

Active Cyber Risk Modeling: a new approach to aggregate risk

Cyber risk is insurable with the correct data and approach. Our Active Cyber Risk Model underscores how shared technology fuels cyber risk aggregation.
Joshua MottaMarch 20, 2023
Cyber Insurance

Active Insurance: A year in review

Almost a year later, the benefits of Active Insurance are clear: Coalition policyholders have a 70% lower claims frequency than the industry average.
Joshua MottaFebruary 06, 2023
Cyber Insurance

The Future of Insurance is Active

Learn how Active Insurance from Coalition delivers a new model of coverage designed to protect organizations from digital risk.
Joshua MottaMarch 01, 2022
Cyber Insurance

How remote work, new regulations, and increased cybercrime are changing the cyber insurance marketplace

Remote work, regulations, and cybercrime have rocked the cyber insurance industry. The 2021 market is a storm, but Coalition's approach is different.
Joshua MottaJuly 28, 2021
Security Labs

Incident report in response to the recent Codecov breach

There isn’t a single day that we aren’t helping our customers recover from and remain resilient on their own worst days. This is how we responded to the recent Codecov breach.
Joshua MottaMay 06, 2021
Cyber Insurance

Even more good news

We’re pleased to announce that we closed an additional funding round led by Index Ventures and General Atlantic bringing our total funding to $300 million.
Joshua MottaMarch 17, 2021
Cyber Insurance

Some Good News

We're excited to announce that Coalition raised $90 million in equity capital to fuel its mission to solve cyber risk, and support its rapid growth and global expansion.
Joshua MottaMay 20, 2020
Cyber Insurance

Is it covered? Remote Work, BYOD & COVID-19

Great (cyber) insurance policies are broadly written to cover every imaginable loss scenario while clearly defining which scenarios are excluded from coverage.
Joshua MottaApril 08, 2020
Cyber Insurance

The Secret Coalition Master Plan, or why we acquired BinaryEdge

Coalition has acquired BinaryEdge, the leading security and threat intelligence provider. This acquisition enables us to improve our cyber insurance underwriting capabilities and provide free, real-time security monitoring to Coalition policyholders.
Joshua MottaJanuary 22, 2020
Cyber Insurance

What happened to Capital One could happen to any business. Fortunately, they were insured.

Capital One becoming a victim or a cyber attack demonstrates the harsh reality confronting small and mid-size business owners. A single mistake can be costly.
Joshua MottaAugust 01, 2019
Cyber Insurance

Putting $40M to work for you — our partners and policyholders

Dear extended Coalition team, We’re excited to announce today that we’ve received a $40M investment from leading global investment firms Ribbit Capital, Greenoaks Capital, and Hillhouse Capital, with participation from all of our existing investors.
Joshua MottaMay 09, 2019
Cyber Insurance

What Major Data Breaches Tell Us About Cybersecurity Today

Marriott's 2018 cyber breach raises the question of who should be responsible for protecting corporations and consumers from cybercrime. Coalition can help.
Joshua MottaDecember 07, 2018
Security Labs

Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Cryptojacking

Cyber Insurance

Is it covered? Spectre and Meltdown

Two technology flaws, Meltdown and Spectre, could allow hackers to steal data and secrets from any vulnerable computer or device. Does your insurance cover it?
Joshua MottaJanuary 09, 2018
Security Labs

Cyber meltdown and the spectre of uninsurable risk

Could a single cyber event hit many insurance policyholders at the same time, resulting in huge potential claims payouts? How could this affect your coverage?
Joshua MottaJanuary 08, 2018