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Cyber Insurance

Change Healthcare Attack Fallout: How Coalition is Responding

The attack on Change Healthcare is a reminder of our shared dependency on technology and the ever-present cyber threats facing modern businesses.
Gregory AndersenMarch 21, 2024
Cyber Insurance

Ransomware Myths Busted: How Cyber Insurance Impacts Payments

The decision to pay a ransomware demand is complex. Misconceptions about the role of cyber insurance in these incidents can exacerbate the problem.
Sezaneh SeymourMarch 21, 2024
Security Labs

LockBit Ransomware Used in Exploitation of ConnectWise ScreenConnect

Coalition Incident Response has discovered a link between the LockBit ransomware gang and the ConnectWise ScreenConnect vulnerabilities. 
Leeann NicoloMarch 06, 2024
Cyber Insurance

Why MDR is the Next MFA for Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance providers are increasingly encouraging businesses to implement MDR — if not incentivizing it — just as they did with MFA.
Gregory AndersenJanuary 24, 2024
Security Labs

From Blockchain to the Dark Web: Cybersecurity Buzzword Myths Debunked

New tech is worthy of promotion, but when buzzwords and FOMO define purchasing decisions, your cybersecurity program is likely to be a patchwork affair of half-useful tools. 
Aaron KrausJanuary 04, 2024
Security Labs

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ransomware Negotiation (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Have you ever wondered how ransomware negotiations and payments happen? An Incident Responder breaks down everything from crypto to AI and more.
Leeann NicoloNovember 29, 2023
Cyber Insurance

Pay on Behalf: Why Coalition Coverage Handles Upfront Costs for Policyholders

Cyber events can be costly, and most businesses can’t afford a massive loss. So who’s responsible for payment while an insurance claim is in progress?
Jason BucherNovember 22, 2023
Cyber Insurance

How Broker Roles Evolve Alongside Claims Trends

Businesses are getting hit harder and more often with cyber attacks — and they’re increasingly turning to their trusted brokers for guidance.
Gregory AndersenSeptember 27, 2023
Cyber Insurance

Maintaining Credible Data Backups to Minimize Downtime

A manufacturer’s ransomware claim at Coalition emphasizes the importance of maintaining reliable data backups for incident recovery.
Leeann NicoloAugust 14, 2023
Cyber Insurance

MOVEit Mayhem: Understanding Threats and Protecting Policyholders

In the six weeks since Progress Software disclosed a critical vulnerability in its file-transfer program, MOVEit has created a perfect storm of cyber risk.
Gregory AndersenJuly 20, 2023
Cyber Insurance

Ransomware Claim Illustrates Importance of Early Reporting

Discover why notification at the first sign of a cyber incident gives businesses the greatest chance at recovering without significant loss.
Catherine LyleJuly 14, 2023
Cyber Insurance

Incident Response Impact: A Tale of Two Cyber Claims

When it comes to cyber incidents, time is critical. Learn why speed matters from two real case studies and how Coalition can help.
Catherine LyleMay 25, 2023
Security Labs

Security Alert: Royal Ransomware Targeting Firewalls

Coalition Incident Response (CIR) has observed increased instances of Royal Ransomware among policyholders using end-of-sale firewall appliances.
Leeann NicoloApril 11, 2023