Operation Nightingale

If you are a Ukrainian organization with a digital presence, a nonprofit or public interest organization anywhere in the world supporting human rights, civil society, democracy, journalism, the arts, Coalition will provide its cybersecurity tools and services to you for no cost.

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Access free tools and help from incident response experts

Coalition is providing free access to Coalition Control Premium and expert help with incident response planning, the implementation of security detection tools, and proactive threat hunting.

To access these resources, follow the link below to sign up for Coalition Control, then use the chat function to request an upgrade to Coalition Control Premium or to request incident response support.

Instant access to cybersecurity resources

For more information on how to prepare amid increased cyber threats, visit our resource center for details on proactive cybersecurity controls to protect your organization.

Partner with Coalition on Operation Nightingale

We welcome other members of the cybersecurity and insurance communities to join us in our efforts to support Ukraine and the nonprofit community. If you have services you'd like to make available, please contact us for inclusion in Operation Nightingale.