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Active, AI-powered security tools and services

Detect, remediate, and respond to digital threats faster with our revolutionary combination of industry-leading technology, skilled expertise, and proprietary insurance data.

Protect against more sophisticated threats without adding headcount

As the digital threat landscape increases in complexity, security teams have much more to monitor, investigate, and remediate, with fewer skilled hands to help. We blend innovative cybersecurity technology, proprietary data, and skilled threat expertise to help you predict and even prevent more cyber threats and attacks.

Learn more about our approach in “A Security Leader’s Guide to Scaling Threat Detection & Response.”

Coalition’s Security Advantage 

Prioritize digital risk with powerful cybersecurity data and technology.

Industry-leading Technologies

Prioritize your digital risk

We use our industry-leading cybersecurity technology, and real-world cyber incident and claims data to help security teams cut through the noise, prioritizing the risks most likely to result in a cyber breach.


Accelerate your threat detection and remediation

By pairing our security alerts with self-service tools, step-by-step remediation guides, and 24/7 access to our in-house team of cyber experts, we help security teams remediate threats fast, often reducing impact and even preventing events and claims. 

Unmatched Threat Expertise

Stay ahead of advanced cyber attacks

Our threat researchers go on offense to understand the emerging attack vectors and tactics cybercriminals are using. Instead of struggling to keep up, our experts can help you spot emerging risks and alert you to what's next.


Round-the-clock threat detection & response

When cybercriminals strike, our approach helps accelerate your company’s recovery efforts and significantly reduce Mean-Time-to-Detect (MTTD) and Mean-Time-to-Respond (MTTR).

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24/7/365 monitoring 
and response

Our continuous threat detection and response helps you act faster while minimizing operational disruption and impact.
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Industry-leading technologies

We combine our expertise and EDR, XDR, and other technologies to help you monitor your threat surface to help minimize the impact of incidents and prevent the most advanced cyber attacks.
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Affordable and scalable

Built for small and midsize businesses, our solutions scale with you—without mandatory minimums that inflate your costs.
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Expert remediation

The MDR team does more than monitor they fight cyber attacks every day and use that expertise to respond to and remediate threats quickly to help you stay protected.


Manage your digital risks with Coalition Control — 
our cyber risk management platform

Detect more cyber threats and accelerate remediation

Coalition Control continuously scans your entire external attack surface and gives you access to step-by-step remediation guidance.

Reduce alert fatigue and prioritize the risks that matter most

Our alerts are powered by proprietary technology and real-world infosec data, bringing attention to your most important security findings.

Easily bring in additional data while integrating with your existing tools and solutions

Leverage our Integrations with MS365, Google Workspace, and AWS for a comprehensive view of your cyber risks. We also offer developer-friendly RESTful APIs that can send alerts and security findings to many of the tools you already use.

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Go on the offensive with proactive cybersecurity services

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Technology Assessments & Customized Consultations

Our expert team evaluates the relative security postures of your specific technologies and implementations and provides strategic guidance on cybersecurity measures and customized best practices.

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Tabletop Cyber Preparedness Solutions

Employing our real-world, cyber-attack experience, our Security Services team will take your organization through simulated, interactive scenarios that help you assess and enhance your preparedness and response capabilities.

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Coalition Incident Response** at your service

Coalition Incident Response (CIR) is an affiliate that any organization experiencing a cyber incident can rely on to help recover from cyber attacks. CIR offers forensic specialists and security engineers who respond in minutes, not days.

Our proven security solutions deliver results


reduction in MTTD & MTTR with Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services¹


remediated critical security vulnerabilities through Coalition Control²


of cyber incidents handled without an insurance claim or financial loss²


Address your most critical cyber risks to improve your business insurability

We identify high-risk conditions you may need to resolve before binding a policy—those most likely to lead to a cyber attack or claim.
 Our team of cybersecurity experts provide step-by-step guidance to help you remediate cyber vulnerabilities quickly. You can access these in Coalition Control or contact our Security Support Center 24/7.



Our expertise is your advantage

Our research division, Coalition Security Labs, regularly shares findings derived from our data-driven view of risk with the broader security community to help your team get and stay ahead of cyber risks and attacks.


Security alert: Phishing link leads to ransomware download

A financial advisor was wiring $3.5M to two charities when a threat actor intercepted and diverted the money. Just over a week after contacting Coalition’s claims team, we helped the policyholder recover all but $405 of the $3.5M — avoiding a funds transfer fraud claim altogether.

Announcing Coalition Exploit Scoring System (ESS)

Coalition ESS helps defenders cut through the noise of vulnerability management. Learn how our dynamic scores work and try the tool. 

How our Security Support Center helps clients resolve alerts

Learn how our Security Support Center helps policyholders understand and resolve alerts and critical security findings to avoid cyber insurance claims.
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See your risk the way

cybercriminals do

Sign up for a Coalition Control account and receive a free Cyber Risk Assessment (CRA) — a report of your company’s external attack surface and related security findings exactly as a cyber criminal would see them.

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*Incident response services and Coalition Security Services MDR services are provided by Coalition Incident Response, an affiliate of Coalition, Inc. Incident response services are offered to policyholders as an option via our incident response firm panel.
**Coalition Incident Response services provided through Coalition’s affiliate are offered to policyholders as an option via our incident response firm panel.
1https://insights.integrity360.com/managed-detection-and-response-mdr-in-20-cyber-security-statistics 2Coalition 2023 Claims Report