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Broker Education

Broker Education

Increase Efficiency with Self-Service Tools on the Broker Platform

To meet the demands of a fast-paced cyber insurance market, Coalition's Broker Platform optimizes for self-sufficiency and provides on-demand resources.
Danny VerbFebruary 22, 2024
Broker Education

Cyber Savvy Broker: Casey Sherwin

Coalition’s Cyber Savvy Broker Casey Sherwin from Amwins shared what excites him the most about the cyber insurance space and why communication is the key to success.
Sarah MiknisMarch 08, 2023
Broker Education

Cyber Savvy Broker: Denis Panariti

Coalition’s Cyber Savvy Broker Denis Panariti from Gallagher shared his tips for those entering the insurance industry and how to navigate stubborn clients.
Sarah MiknisFebruary 14, 2023
Broker Education

Streamlining insurance from quote to bind

Coalition’s newest and most impactful product updates can help our broker partners streamline cyber insurance from quote to bind.
Sophia KudlykJanuary 24, 2023
Broker Education

Cyber Savvy Broker: Courtney Mauge

Courtney Mauge of NFP spoke reflects on how the cyber insurance industry can improve, and how her background as an attorney helps her advise clients.
Sarah MiknisJanuary 12, 2023
Broker Education

Cyber Savvy Broker: Matt Patterson

Matt Patterson of CRC Group reflects on the changes he's seen in his 10 years selling cyber insurance and how to improve the broker experience.
Sarah MiknisNovember 21, 2022
Broker Education

Help your clients avoid holiday cyber scams

Coalition’s Incident Response Lead, Leeann Nicolo reviews common holiday cyber scams and how to avoid falling victim to them.
Leeann NicoloNovember 08, 2022
Broker Education

Cyber Savvy Broker: Mercy Komar

50+ year insurance veteran Mercy Komar of L. Calvin Jones & Co. talks about how she uses storytelling to overcome challenges with her clients.
Sarah MiknisOctober 27, 2022
Broker Education

Cyber Savvy Broker: Karishma Gabriel

Cyber Savvy Broker Karishma Gabriel from HUB International Ontario shares her thoughts on mentorship and how she approaches broker/client relationships.
Sarah MiknisOctober 11, 2022
Broker Education

Cyber Savvy Broker: Dillon Behr

Cyber Savvy Broker Dillon Behr from RPS Insurance explains why brokers should seek out cybersecurity education.
Sarah MiknisSeptember 29, 2022
Broker Education

9 Ways for Brokers to Help a Client After a Cyber Incident

Brokers can follow Coalition’s step-by-step list for helping your clients secure cyber insurance coverage after an incident.
Sarah MiknisAugust 24, 2022
Broker Education

Cyber Savvy Broker: Alexandra Bretschneider

Commercial insurance brokers can actively help educate their clients in managing cyber risk. Alexandra Bretschneider of Johnson Kendall Johnson shared how.
Sarah MiknisAugust 08, 2022
Broker Education

Cyber Savvy Broker: Fitz Swain

Fitz Swain of the CRC Group shares his path to becoming a cyber savvy broker, changes he's seen the industry undergo, and challenges to come.
Sarah MiknisJuly 19, 2022
Broker Education

Cyber Savvy Broker: Megan Griffanti

Megan Griffanti of AHT Insurance shares her views on the essential skills for cyber savvy brokers in today’s market.
Sarah MiknisJune 23, 2022
Broker Education

Scaling to meet demand: Renewals engine with Temporal workflows

Learn how Coalition engineering switched to Temporal workflows that made our renewals engine smoother, consistent, and visible.
John BloczynskiJune 08, 2022