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Collaborate With Colleagues Across Accounts Using ‘Team View’

The Broker Platform enables collaboration across entire teams, allowing you to perform the same actions on accounts owned by your team members as you would on your own accounts.
Danny VerbMay 15, 2024
Cyber Insurance

The State of Active Insurance: 2024 Cyber Claims Report

Discover the latest trends in ransomware, funds transfer fraud, risky technology, and the state of Active Insurance in Coalition’s 2024 Cyber Claims Report.
Robert JonesApril 24, 2024
Cyber Insurance

The Double-Edged Sword of Using Boundary Devices

Boundary devices can help mitigate cyber threats and enable secure remote access. However, these technologies are often directly targeted in cyber attacks.
Gregory AndersenApril 18, 2024
Cyber Insurance

Control Cyber Risk from the Inside Out

Coalition Control™ integrates with cloud providers Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and AWS to allow customers to manage digital risks in a single platform.
Meet PatelApril 16, 2024
Security Labs

Palo Alto Networks: Patch Available for PAN-OS Zero-day

A patch is now available for a command injection zero-day vulnerability impacting Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS. Learn what actions you need to take.
Simon BellApril 15, 2024
Cyber Insurance

Cyber Incident Reporting: Important Questions to Ask for Essential Business Planning

Cyber incident reporting obligations can be complex. Businesses must consider how they will meet the requirements before an incident to expedite the process.
Sezaneh SeymourApril 08, 2024

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