Active Cyber protection designed for digital risk

Coalition Active cyber policies built by experts to prevent risk and accelerate recovery

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What we cover

Coalition cyber policies may cover up to $15M in financial, tangible, and intangible damage to your business

Stolen funds

If social engineering leads to a fraudulent funds transfer or financial loss, we’ll make you whole (and help recover the funds!)

Lost business income

We cover the financial losses when a security incident brings your business offline

Breach response costs

We’ll cover the legal, incident response, forensics, and PR costs following a breach, as well as the costs to notify your customers and provide credit monitoring

Cyber extortion

We cover the costs to respond to a ransomware incident, including money, securities, and even crypto currencies paid

Computer replacement

We’ll replace your computer systems negatively impacted by viruses and malware

Bodily Injury

You're covered if a connected device or industrial control system is breached, resulting in physical damage

Active protection

All policyholders and brokers can access active monitoring and alerting to help prevent issues before they arise

Active Response

Access to our in-house expert claims and incident teams responds fast so you can recover faster

Far more than traditional insurance

Digital risk changes quickly, and businesses need more than insurance to protect themselves. Coalition Active Insurance gives policyholders free access to active monitoring and in-house incident response to manage risks before, during and after an incident.

Backed by the world’s leading reinsurers

Give your clients the broadest coverage available in the market with the financial strength of the world’s leading insurance providers.

5 minutes

Average response time to a cyber incident


Percentage of incidents handled at no cost to the policyholder


Percentage of funds recovered by Coalition Claims team in 2021 (where recovery was possible)