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The Double-Edged Sword of Using Boundary Devices

Boundary devices can help mitigate cyber threats and enable secure remote access. However, these technologies are often directly targeted in cyber attacks.
Gregory AndersenApril 18, 2024
Cyber Insurance

Cyber Incident Reporting: Important Questions to Ask for Essential Business Planning

Cyber incident reporting obligations can be complex. Businesses must consider how they will meet the requirements before an incident to expedite the process.
Sezaneh SeymourApril 08, 2024
Security Labs

LockBit Ransomware Used in Exploitation of ConnectWise ScreenConnect

Coalition Incident Response has discovered a link between the LockBit ransomware gang and the ConnectWise ScreenConnect vulnerabilities. 
Leeann NicoloMarch 06, 2024
Cyber Insurance

Common Cyber Tax Fraud Schemes (and How to Help Mitigate Them)

During tax season, businesses tend to unknowingly lower their defenses to attackers — and almost all cyber tax fraud starts with a phishing email.
Gregory AndersenFebruary 20, 2024
Cyber Insurance

Why MDR is the Next MFA for Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance providers are increasingly encouraging businesses to implement MDR — if not incentivizing it — just as they did with MFA.
Gregory AndersenJanuary 24, 2024
Security Labs

Ivanti VPN Zero-Day Avoided with Device Isolation

Two zero-day vulnerabilities are impacting Ivanti VPN devices. Learn how proactive outreach to Coalition policyholders is helping mitigate the threat.
Ryan GregoryJanuary 22, 2024
Security Labs

QR Codes Increasingly Used in Phishing Attacks

Threat actors are using QR codes in phishing attacks to gain access to business networks. Learn the risks and how to evaluate a QR code for legitimacy.
Jason VitaleJanuary 11, 2024
Security Labs

Coalition Security Services: More Protection From Cyber Risk

Learn about our expanded security offering, Coalition Security Services, and how it can help protect your business from cyber risks.
John B. RobertsDecember 14, 2023
Security Labs

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ransomware Negotiation (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Have you ever wondered how ransomware negotiations and payments happen? An Incident Responder breaks down everything from crypto to AI and more.
Leeann NicoloNovember 29, 2023
Cyber Insurance

Pay on Behalf: Why Coalition Coverage Handles Upfront Costs for Policyholders

Cyber events can be costly, and most businesses can’t afford a massive loss. So who’s responsible for payment while an insurance claim is in progress?
Jason BucherNovember 22, 2023
Cyber Insurance

Federal Government Says Cyber Hygiene is No Longer Optional

Discussions on cybersecurity and data privacy are here to stay at the federal level, as regulators continue to zero in on the fact that data is invaluable.
Gregory AndersenAugust 24, 2023
Cyber Insurance

Maintaining Credible Data Backups to Minimize Downtime

A manufacturer’s ransomware claim at Coalition emphasizes the importance of maintaining reliable data backups for incident recovery.
Leeann NicoloAugust 14, 2023
Cyber Insurance

Ransomware Claim Illustrates Importance of Early Reporting

Discover why notification at the first sign of a cyber incident gives businesses the greatest chance at recovering without significant loss.
Catherine LyleJuly 14, 2023
Security Labs

Security Alert: MFA Spamming Attacks Increase Cyber Claims

MFA fatigue, overwhelming users with constant authentication requests, can lead to cyber insurance claims. Learn what mitigations are available.
Joshua SmithJune 12, 2023
Cyber Insurance

How Coalition Recovered $5.5M After Funds Transfer Fraud

After a Coalition policyholder mistakenly wired money to a fraudulent account, our claims team jumped into action and recovered 85% of the initial loss.
Catherine LyleJune 08, 2023