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Announcing Coalition Security Labs

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At Coalition, we believe that having a strong security posture requires understanding the cyber landscape, and making good risk management decisions can mean the difference between protection and a debilitating cyber incident. In our mission to protect the unprotected, we seek to uncover new and unique security insights and share our findings to help organizations keep pace with the rapid changes in the threat landscape. 

Coalition has exclusive access to data on billions of devices and tens of millions of organizations. Our Active Risk Platform continuously scans the public internet, providing insights on more than 5.2 billion IP addresses, and we collect even more data from the cyber insurance frontlines. This data allows us to train our models to identify the risks and conditions that are most likely to result in an incident.

To share our unique perspective on risk with the broader cybersecurity community, I'm thrilled to announce the launch of Coalition Security Labs, our research and innovation center. Earlier this year, Coalition Security Labs researchers published our first-ever Cyber Threat Index to share our expertise with the industry outside our customer base. With the launch of Security Labs, we're committed to sharing this holistic view of cyber risk so all businesses can be better prepared to face changing threats.

Putting in the research to support better security decisions

Security practitioners face the daunting challenge of staying ahead of ever-changing risks and attackers that constantly evolve their techniques. To help empower security teams and decision-makers to make their organizations more secure, we will share our findings derived from our data-driven view of risk with the community.

Our Cyber Threat Index was the first offering of our insights aimed at empowering technical practitioners and leaders to understand the volatile nature of cyber risks — enabled by our vast data intake. The team behind Security Labs will continue to offer our perspective on emerging cyber risks and guidance for remediating the latest threats and vulnerabilities that impact businesses. Alerts, research, and spotlights of meaningful technical solutions to protect your organization and inform the cybersecurity community.

Finally, in 2024, we will issue the next iteration of our Cyber Threat Index, providing the community with year-over-year comparisons of our internet reconnaissance data and how cyber trends evolve over time. 

Deepening our security bench 

Cybersecurity is multifaceted, and no single role, background, or skill set trumps another. Diversity is absolutely necessary to develop a strong cybersecurity posture. Our Security Labs experts come to Coalition with diverse backgrounds, including the U.S. intelligence community, law enforcement, and top-tier cybersecurity firms (Carbon Black, IBM, Root Inc, Tenable Network Security, Kivu Consulting, SpearTip, and others). Their combined work experience touches on many security disciplines to create a complete picture of the cybersecurity landscape.

Together, we form the collective team responsible for driving Coalition's security vision and will share expertise on emerging threats, industry changes, and the latest in cybersecurity innovation (hello, AI!) with everyone.

Through our constant feedback loop of internet scanning, incident response, research, and published data, organizations can proactively identify new risks, respond to them faster, and remediate them should they experience an adverse cyber incident. 

Take Control of your digital risks

Additionally, we are excited to announce the launch of Coalition Control 2.0 — our cyber risk management platform available for our policyholders and individual businesses alike. Using Control 2.0, you can gain a deeper understanding of your cyber risk exposure, including which risks are most critical, allowing you to make crucial decisions to prioritize resources. 

Organizations with existing tools can integrate Control into their security stack through our developer-friendly RESTful API, consolidating data and avoiding alert fatigue using meaningful scores that translate to timely alerts. Control 2.0 offers actionable monitoring across your entire (yes, entire) digital footprint, and it also features on-demand help with CoalitionAI Security Copilot and actionable recommendations from our experts. 

Soon, we'll share all the details on what's coming with Control 2.0, including how your organization can utilize it to take a hands-on approach to risk management across your entire digital footprint. We're excited for you to learn about the enhanced features that can help your organization strengthen its security posture.

Stay in touch

We're very excited about the launch of Coalition Security Labs as it provides a channel for sharing our insights and helping everyone better navigate today's most critical cyber events.

Be sure to watch this space for more news, security alerts, and other timely cybersecurity information. If you want to connect directly with our Security Labs team, follow us on Twitter @CoalitionSecLab.