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Security Training: Best Practices Beyond Compliance

Regulatory frameworks, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), require organizations to adhere to high standards of data and privacy. Many companies need guidance on how to comply, and insurance protection in the event that an incident puts them afoul of regulation. That’s why Coalition’s policyholders can access our free policies include Employee Security Training.

Dentist showing teeth xray to patient in the clinic




  • Employees: 1 - 25

  • Provides dental care for patients across two offices

  • Highly regulated industry

This policy that my broker recommended is really great. I didn’t expect all this. I’ll have to call my broker and thank him!

Case Study

Under the heavy burden of increasing regulation, and following a less than stellar claims experience with a traditional insurer after a previous data breach, a Michigan-based healthcare organization turned to Coalition for both superior coverage, and help with regulatory compliance both nationally and on a global scale. The organization was looking for an insurance policy that:

  • Provided broad coverage for privacy regulations including local, state, federal, and foreign laws such as GDPR

  • Included coverage for voluntary notification (which wasn’t covered in their last policy) with no caps on the number of individuals notified

  • Went beyond just insurance — they needed help with compliance and cybersecurity to protect their patient data

After reviewing options with their insurance broker, they chose Coalition. And in addition to receiving superior coverage, they’ve re-written their security policies with help from Coalition’s Security Incident Response Team (SIRT), and are using Coalition’s included Employee Security Training and simulated phishing emails with every single member of their staff.

Coalition’s included security tools can reduce an organization’s costs to detect, recover, and contain a breach by over 40%, and are available to all policyholders at no additional cost.