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Your insurance
wasn’t built for a digital world

In fact it was created to manage the risk of ships at sea almost 400 years ago.

Here’s the problem:

Digital technology allows us to move faster than ever before.
About 100,000,000 times faster than those ships.

Every minute on the planet there are:



people on Zoom



hours of YouTube uploaded



ecommerce transactions



emails sent

Our hyper-connected digital world has created a new class of digital risk

Digital risks are evolving as quickly as our technology, often  hiding in plain sight as the flow of information accelerates and threatens the things we value most.

It’s time for a new approach

One that can keep pace with the digital economy and do more than simply transfer risk, it can help you solve it.

Meet the first insurance policy designed to prevent risk before it strikes

Based on three core capabilities:

Risk Assessment
Active Risk Assessment
Active Protection
Active Response
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Protection Designed for digital risk

Digital risk is fast moving, unpredictable, and can be catastrophic for any organization. Protect your clients’ most valuable assets with an insurer who has the tech and insurance expertise to be a long term partner in the digital economy.
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Prevent Risk Before it Strikes

Our personalized risk profile identifies the risks that are relevant to an organization, provides ongoing monitoring and protection from emerging vulnerabilities, and includes preventative measures to limit exposures before an attack
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Remove the pain at the most critical insurance moments

We leverage industry leading technology to remove the onerous work and uncertainty from the quoting and renewal process. And in the event of a claim your clients have quick access to an expert team, all working towards minimizing damages and prioritizing recovery for your business.

It’s time for you to Get Active