Technology built for the future of risk

At the core of Coalition is a data and technology advantage powering a new kind of protection

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A complete picture of your digital risk

We’ve built the most comprehensive cyber security data set in the insurance industry and that’s just the start

Union (14)Public web scanning

5+ billion devices and ports scanned monthly

Union (13)Signal intelligence from the dark web

Active data on emerging threats and infected systems

Union (9)Incident and claims data

Proprietary data from the Coalition claims and incident response teams

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Intelligent Risk Analytics

We bring the best of human and machine intelligence together to spot new trends fast

Massive data sets are only powerful if you can find what you need. We supplement our insurance and tech expertise with artificial intelligence and machine learning to run fast, accurate analysis of a company’s risk.

Revolutionary benefits for brokers and policyholders

Our data platform powers faster quotes, more accurate and in-depth risk assessments, and much more

Union (21)Fast, accurate quotes and renewals

Pricing digital risk in real-time for fast quotes, quick renewals, and reliable coverage.

Shape (2)Assess and monitor risk in real time

Comprehensive risk assessments for brokers, policyholders and any organization that wants to know their risk. Active alerts to keep everyone safe.

Group (1)Informed incident response

Our platform puts essential data at the fingertips of our claims and IR teams to respond faster when you need our help.

5 minutes

Average response time to an incident

< 1/3

Coalition policyholders experience less than one third the claims as the overall market


Out-of-pocket cost for using Coalition Incident Response

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