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Protect clients with Active Crime Insurance offered by Coalition

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Active Insurance against dynamic threats

In today's digital world, crime can happen faster, hit harder and take more varied forms. Give your clients better protection - with Active Crime Insurance. Leveraging our Active Risk Platform, Crime protection offered by Coalition is a smart, powerful way to keep your clients protected from a broader spectrum of threats.

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Crime insurance can cover financial losses related to:

  • Employee theft or embezzlement

  • Property theft

  • Forgery or alteration

  • Computer fraud and funds transfer fraud (FTF)

  • Fraudulent impersonation (social engineering)

  • Money orders and counterfeit money

  • Electronic data or computer programs restoration cost

  • Investigative expenses

Private companies and not-for-profit organizations with up to 250 employees may be eligible for Crime coverage, which is part of our family of Executive Risks products, including D&O, EPL, and Fiduciary.

Businesses lose $7B annually* to fraud

People don’t always do the right thing. In fact, small businesses are hit especially hard by crime every year. And despite this, 36% of small businesses didn’t intend to purchase Crime coverage in 2021.**

A Crime policy offered by Coalition is a critical element in taking a proactive approach to protecting your clients’ businesses.

*Source: Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, 2018 Report to the Nations **Coalition’s Executive Risks Report - survey of 1,000 senior executives at companies with 1-250 employees completed by Wakefield Research

Real-world crime hits hard
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Check Forgery - $1.2M

A Missouri secretary forged company checks to herself.

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Impersonation - $600k

A computer wholesaler paid invoices to a fraudulent “vendor.”

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Theft - $415k

An employee in Michigan resold stolen equipment and supplies.

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Funds Transfer Fraud - $600k

A threat actor convinced a shipping company to reroute invoice payments.

Empowering brokers to protect businesses

Coalition’s robust Active Insurance offering can help you work faster and deliver more value for your clients.

quote in minutes

Quote in minutes

Our proprietary Active Risk Platform builds a comprehensive risk profile for your client so you can deliver a bindable quote in minutes.

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Be a strategic advisor

Coalition’s Executive Risks Assessment can assist you in clearly explaining your clients’ crime exposures and being the expert partner they need.

Deliver added value

Deliver added value

Coalition offers valuable services, including mid-term notifications, accredited training, compliance tools, and more.

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Start protecting your clients against crime loss.