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Common Cyber Tax Fraud Schemes (and How to Help Mitigate Them)

During tax season, businesses tend to unknowingly lower their defenses to attackers — and almost all cyber tax fraud starts with a phishing email.
Gregory AndersenFebruary 20, 2024
Cyber Insurance

Coalition Clawbacks: Putting Stolen Funds Back in Policyholders’ Pockets

When threat actors commit funds transfer fraud, Coalition goes where others can’t to “claw back” stolen funds — recovering an average of $162K per FTF claim.
Adam SmithOctober 10, 2023
Cyber Insurance

How Broker Roles Evolve Alongside Claims Trends

Businesses are getting hit harder and more often with cyber attacks — and they’re increasingly turning to their trusted brokers for guidance.
Gregory AndersenSeptember 27, 2023
Executive Risks

Combining Crime and Cyber: Common Claims and Core Coverages

Cybercrimes often fall between two types of insurance policies: crime and cyber. Both can coexist in harmony for the benefit of the policyholder.
Patrick MitchellJune 28, 2023
Security Labs

Security Alert: MFA Spamming Attacks Increase Cyber Claims

MFA fatigue, overwhelming users with constant authentication requests, can lead to cyber insurance claims. Learn what mitigations are available.
Joshua SmithJune 12, 2023
Cyber Insurance

How Coalition Recovered $5.5M After Funds Transfer Fraud

After a Coalition policyholder mistakenly wired money to a fraudulent account, our claims team jumped into action and recovered 85% of the initial loss.
Catherine LyleJune 08, 2023
Cyber Insurance

Threat Actors Aren’t Targeting Your Business — You’re Just Making the Cash Grab Easy

Coalition’s Head of Claims explains why funds transfer fraud is now the top attack method, along with other key findings from the 2023 Cyber Claims Report.
Catherine LyleMay 16, 2023