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Executive Risks

Executive Risks

How Cyber Insurance Can Prevent Attacks from Spiraling into D&O Claims

Cyber insurance helps protect businesses against financial and reputational damages, but its impact on D&O liability makes it a must-have for all executives.
Patrick MitchellNovember 07, 2023
Executive Risks

Combining Crime and Cyber: Common Claims and Core Coverages

Cybercrimes often fall between two types of insurance policies: crime and cyber. Both can coexist in harmony for the benefit of the policyholder.
Patrick MitchellJune 28, 2023
Executive Risks

To Avoid Excessive Fee Litigation, SMBs Must Fulfill Fiduciary Duties

Excessive fee lawsuits have historically targeted large employee benefits plans, but smaller plans have experienced a surge of claims in recent years.
Patrick MitchellMay 15, 2023
Executive Risks

4 Common Claims Among Not-For-Profit Organizations

Not-for-profit organizations often face unique risks that can result in financial losses, reputational harm, and legal repercussions.
Patrick MitchellMay 08, 2023
Executive Risks

Going Beyond a BOP: Educate Your Clients on EPL Insurance

Your clients may think their Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) will cover any and all lawsuits they face. Here are 5 reasons why they need Employment Practices Liability (EPL) insurance.
Patrick MitchellApril 17, 2023
Executive Risks

Layoffs Lead to Liability – This Coverage Can Help

What are the potential risks for employers with layoffs? Learn more about employment practices liability and how the right insurance coverage can help.
Patrick MitchellMarch 21, 2023
Executive Risks

A new approach to Crime Insurance

Learn how Coalition’s Crime Insurance coverage for small businesses helps in the event of financial losses from criminal acts.
Patrick MitchellFebruary 09, 2023
Executive Risks

3 ways to close coverage gaps with Fiduciary Liability

Learn more about three key coverages brokers should look for when quoting Fiduciary Liability — and how to advise your clients on their current coverage gaps.
Patrick MitchellFebruary 02, 2023
Executive Risks

Why manufacturing leaders need to consider their Executive Risks

Manufacturers face increased risks to the supply chain, but should also consider Executive Risks. Learn more about EPL and D&O risks for manufacturing.
Patrick MitchellOctober 26, 2022
Executive Risks

How to guide small business clients on D&O liability risks

Small businesses are not immune to liability claims. Brokers can advise small businesses on how Coalition Executive Risk protects them from D&O and EPL claims.
Patrick MitchellJune 07, 2022
Executive Risks

How D&O insurance can protect business leaders through the pandemic

The COVID pandemic has led to a surge in lawsuits against directors and officers, including M&A litigation. Here's how a D&O policy can help protect executives.
Patrick MitchellApril 07, 2022
Executive Risks

How to tackle the top 4 small business executive risks in 2022

An Executive Risk Assessment can help brokers identify small business clients’ specific D&O and EPL risks, provide optimized coverage and help reduce liability.
Patrick MitchellApril 05, 2022
Executive Risks

How to customize D&O and EPL coverage with a Coalition Risk Assessment

Here's how a Coalition Risk Assessment provides up-to-date data on insureds, enabling brokers to customize and price policies and limits quickly and confidently.
Patrick MitchellMarch 31, 2022
Executive Risks

Active Insurance Mitigates Risk for 6 Hot D&O Issues in 2022

As organizations become more data driven and virtually connected, peace of mind can only be delivered through continuous, active protection from D&O risks.
Patrick MitchellMarch 24, 2022
Executive Risks

5 Reasons Your Insureds Need Executive Risk Coverage

Coalition is excited to announce our new Executive Risk report detailing the risks small businesses face and the need for D&O and EPL insurance.
Patrick MitchellFebruary 24, 2022