Cyber Incident? Get Help

Coalition for Manufacturing

Coalition is the best way for a manufacturer to manage cyber risk

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Manufacturers are one phishing, ransomware, or industrial control system (ICS) incident away from exposure

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Manufacturing is the second-most targeted industry for cyber attacks
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Percentage of cyber attacks against manufacturers that are deliberate, targeted attacks
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Average claim size for Coalition’s SMB manufacturing policyholders

Coalition is the only cyber insurance provider to cover the unique exposures facing manufacturing firms

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Property damage, bodily harm, and pollution resulting from a security failure

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Invoice manipulation losses including the net cost for goods or services provided as a result of invoice manipulation

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Coverage for industrial control systems, SCADA, and other operational technology

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Funds transfer fraud losses arising from a security failure or social engineering

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Costs to replace computer systems including industrial control systems

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Business interruption losses from cyber attacks against you or your suppliers

Related Case Studies

Two tradesman enjoying their lunchbreak
$5.5M recovered from fraudulent transfer

Coalition worked with law enforcement to recover $5.5M from an international bank account and covered an additional $500K in FTF.

steel manufacturer in the workshop
Manufacturer avoids paying ransom

Coalition Incident Response worked with law enforcement to source the decryption keys for this manufacturer—allowing them to recover without paying the ransom.

Mechanic working on a machine
Manufacturer resumes operations after data compromise

A manufacturer worked with Coalition Incident Response to negotiate a ransom when they couldn’t fully restore from backups.

Manufacturer in a workshop
Pet supply manufacturer avoids deibilitating ransom losses

After negotiating a ransom payment, a manufacturer didn’t receive decryption keys and spent three weeks restoring from backups.

Carpenter working on the flooring
Construction company finds breach source with CIR

A construction company’s Invoice Manipulation coverage was triggered when an employee’s compromised email enabled a threat actor to steal a $56,000 invoice payment.

Two employees in a meeting taking notes
Industrial manufacturer recovers from production line attack

A hacker gained remote control of a manufacturer’s industrial control systems that controlled their production line, damaging production equipment and in-process components.

alcohol manufacturer working on the production floor
Business interruption costs covered after industrial system attack

An alcohol manufacturer was hit with a $2.3 million ransom, resulting in damaged machinery and business interruption.