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Tech-enabled insurance for technology companies

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Security incidents, data breaches, and technology failures aren’t just cyber risks, but sources of professional liability for Technology companies

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Average claim cost for Coalition’s technology policyholders

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Percent of claims resulting from a web application compromise for Coalition’s technology policyholders

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Average claim cost for a technology failure for Coalition’s technology policyholders

Coalition protects tech companies with security tools and tailored cyber and professional liability coverage

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Coverage for technology errors & omissions — professional liability coverage for tech companies

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 Costs to respond to a ransomware (extortion) incident

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Funds transfer fraud losses arising from a security failure or social engineering

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Costs to replace computer systems and other technology damaged in a cyber attack

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Coverage for consequential reputational harm loss, and media and PR costs to respond to an incident

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Enhanced coverage for denial of service (DDoS) attacks that impede legitimate traffic to your business

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