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A new approach to Crime Insurance

Blog: A new approach to crime insurance

Running a business is hard, and the last thing business owners want to think about is how to navigate crimes against their organization. Yet crime poses a massive challenge for small businesses, which lose $50B from employee theft annually. 

We're excited to announce Coalition's new Active Executive Risks products — Fiduciary Liability and Crime. Our Crime insurance is designed to protect small businesses from traditional crimes as well as new digital risks.

The pandemic accelerates new digital risks

Traditional crimes are an unfortunate reality of running a small business. Imagine an employee stealing money from a cash register, or a break-in occurs, and property is stolen from the premises: these acts would be covered by traditional crime insurance. 

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a massive shift in crimes targeting small businesses. With the shift to remote work and adoption of new technologies, small businesses began to face a wave of new digital crimes. Bad actors were no longer limited to the physical premises, and could use scams to steal large sums of money through funds transfer fraud (FTF).

Crime insurance now has to account for a broad range of physical and digital risks. Coalition's Crime insurance was purpose-built to cover both kinds of risks to help protect small businesses, whether an employee stole money or property from the premises, or they were tricked into transferring money to someone impersonating a vendor.

Taking an active approach to Crime Insurance

Historically, securing crime coverage for small business clients has been slow, manual, and painful. Clients and brokers had to fill out lengthy application forms that gave no insight into their digital footprint and risks. 

Coalition's quoting process was built with broker efficiency in mind. We integrate data in our quoting process to accelerate quoting, allowing brokers to create bindable quotes in minutes. We also provide a personalized risk assessment with every quote to guide client conversations about their risk exposures. 

Our active approach doesn't end with quoting. A business’s digital risk exposure can change in minutes. Unlike traditional insurance, we monitor your clients' risks during their policy term and alert you when we identify a vulnerability so you can be your clients' trusted advocate.

Brokers: help protect your clients 

It's our mission at Coalition to protect the unprotected. We want your business because we want your clients to stay in business. 

Coalition's Active Executive Risks Insurance is designed to help protect businesses from a new world of digital risks — in addition to the traditional risks they still face. Log into your dashboard to start quoting Crime Insurance today