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July Risk Roundup: Cyber dinosaurs, new tools, and Security Week

July Risk Roundup: Cyber dinosaurs, new tools, and Security Week

The Risk Roundup is our weekly collection of curated content that relates to all things digital risk management. Members of the Coalition team have pulled together their favorite posts from the week that highlight relevant trends in cybersecurity and cyber insurance. Enjoy our TL;DR and useful snippets on topics we’re keeping a close eye on.
Behind the times, antiquated, obsolete — words no one wants to hear, especially when applied to their IT environment and overall cybersecurity risk. In this week’s Risk Roundup, we selected four articles that shed light on why it's important to stay ahead of the trend, whether it be with your cyber hygiene or your cybersecurity toolset. But is early adoption the best policy? Or is a mix of modernization and best practices the solution?

1. Study finds insurance companies lack cyber hygiene

Insurers need to be model citizens when it comes to risk management - you’re unlikely to buy fire insurance from somebody who plays with matches! Coalition believes in and follows a data-driven approach to risk management for our own operations, our policyholders, and the world at large.
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2. CISA adds ransomware module to cyber security evaluation tool

More tools = better security, right? Wrong. Having a tool to evaluate your security posture, particularly in light of the increased threat of ransomware, can offer a false sense of security — don’t let the busywork of performing an assessment or getting all your dashboard items to “green” get in the way of actually implementing best practices like offline backups, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and user training. Also, follow CISA, because they do awesome stuff.
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3. New DNS name server hijack attack exposes businesses, government agencies

New IT is a mixed bag of security improvements and potential pitfalls. In this case a complicated mix of legacy and brand-spanking new cloud DNS features created an exploitable situation. Takeaways include: nothing is 100% guaranteed secure and we’re still trying to sort out the security mistakes we made in technology 30 years ago.
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4. Coalition Security Week

Helping everyone solve cyber risk is why we made Coalition Control, our risk management platform, free to all. Additionally, we offer discounts through partners like Okta and SentinelOne to help policyholders implement better cybersecurity. Join us for Coalition Security Week to learn more about these tools and capabilities!
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If you enjoyed this post be sure to check our blog weekly; the Risk Roundup runs Friday mornings in addition to more enlightening content we post related to the ever-evolving landscape of digital risk. Follow us on Twitter (@SolveCyberRisk) and LinkedIn (Coalition Inc). If you have any suggestions for content that we should be adding to our reading list, let us know!