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Preparing for increased cyber risks amidst Russian invasion of Ukraine

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Coalition is closely monitoring the Russian invasion and rapidly unfolding crisis in Ukraine. Multiple governments have warned of the possibility for cyber attacks to spread beyond the crisis in Ukraine, and we are prepared to support our policyholders and the many organizations that rely on our cybersecurity services to navigate these risks. While it is rare for government or military action in the cyber domain to target private organizations with destructive cyber attacks, the possibility of digital retaliation necessitates that organizations take action to protect themselves. 

To that end, we encourage our customers and all organizations to implement the cybersecurity controls outlined in Coalition’s Cybersecurity Guide to proactively manage their exposure and reduce the likelihood of experiencing a cyber incident. We also encourage users of Coalition Control to access their latest cyber risk assessment and monitoring alerts for critical risk factors that could make their organization more susceptible to a cyber incident. As the crisis unfolds, we continue to monitor for threat activity targeting our customers, including for known indicators of compromise (IOCs), and we will continuously update our services to identify new tools, tactics, and procedures (TTPs) used by state-based actors.

Coalition Control is available automatically to all policyholders, and is also available at no cost to organizations worldwide. Included with Coalition Control is attack surface monitoring along with cybersecurity recommendations to help you identify your organization’s vulnerabilities and understand the steps needed to to address them. Coalition Control and our cyber risk assessment can be accessed at coalitioninc.com/control.

Protecting our customers is our highest priority, and we encourage all organizations to apply the recommended protections and security updates as soon as possible based on their unique risks and circumstances. If your organization is the victim of an attack, or if you suspect you may be impacted, Coalition is ready to help at a moment’s notice. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Incident Response Team

Coalition’s Claims Team is also on standby to assist with reported incidents. While insurance for acts of war are excluded from coverage across the insurance industry, our cyber insurance policy does provide coverage for acts of cyber terrorism. Coverage of individual matters will be determined based upon the specific facts and circumstances involved, and in light of the provisions and terms and conditions outlined in the insurance policy. 

If you have any questions about how to protect your organization, need assistance with an ongoing incident, or have questions about cyber insurance coverage, our team is on hand to assist.