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Coalition API and Partner Portals: Offer Coalition insurance your way!

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Coalition was founded three years ago with the mission to solve cyber risk. We provide businesses with comprehensive insurance and free cybersecurity tools to help manage and mitigate this risk. Close to 30,000 organizations have chosen Coalition as their partner to help reduce their risk and remain resilient to loss.

Our scalable and reliable platform has given brokers the power to quote and bind businesses of any size with any policy configuration. Our partners have long raved about the speed of our quoting and binding process, but they’ve also asked for new ways to offer Coalition to their customers and easier ways to integrate with their existing flow. That is why we are excited to announce the launch of our Coalition API and co-branded Partner Portals.

Two new ways to offer cyber

Coalition has two new solutions to offer our partners. First is an API that allows partners to integrate Coalition’s insurance products and underwriting engine directly into their platforms. The API helps partners create a digital experience customized for their own users and customers. Coalition also released its Coalition-hosted, co-branded, Partner Portal that allows partners to offer Coalition products to their customers with no integration work required. With the Partner Portal, partners can offer their customers insurance policies in as little as one day.

For brokers

Now, brokers can build their own end-to-end insurance purchasing experience using the same API that our existing platform is built on. We provide developers the ability to quote, bind, and issue cyber insurance policies. All PDFs (quote, Coalition Risk Assessment, signature bundle, signed signature bundle, specimen policy) are accessible through the API so your end-user never has to leave your platform. The best part about our API is that it is modular, which lets partners offer Coalition insurance their way. We provide partners with detailed API documentation that helps them integrate with us in days instead of months.

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“Coalition has been such a great carrier to work with because they truly embrace technology with their consumer-focused API. Their application questions are easy to understand, and they’ve reduced complications around handling payments. Also, their documentation and staging environment made testing and set up of the API easy for our team.” — Kelli Broin, Chief Product Officer of CyberPolicy

For technology partners

Now, technology partners can offer cyber insurance to their customers without lifting a finger. We provide our technology partners with the ability to co-brand a portal that is built to offer cyber insurance products that match their customer’s needs.

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“The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving and companies need a comprehensive solution to address today's threats. The ecosystem Coalition has built to offer powerful zero trust security along with its leading cyber insurance offering is a big win for customers.” — Tony Huie, CEO of Twingate

Benefits of integrating with us

Operate efficiently - Make a potential customer a policyholder in as little as 4 steps.

Customizable experience - Build an experience for your brokers or target customers the way you want.

Integrate with ease - Our API documentation provides developers with all necessary details for each API call.

Developer support - Partners get support from our engineering and product teams to answer any question, any time.

Successful partners

We have already partnered with a broad range of organizations (from insurance brokers to tech firms) and have witnessed tremendous success enabling unique use cases.

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"As the world's largest independent brokerage firm, we're constantly looking for ways to evolve our distribution to better serve our clients. Coalition's API has provided a seamless digital quoting experience with market-leading coverage, and by removing more of the technical complexities that are often required with integrations, we not only improve the speed at which we’re able to meet client demand, we’re also able to positively impact our bottom line.” — Anthony Dagostino, EVP of Lockton's Global Cyber and Technology Practice

Our partner Malwarebytes now offers Coalition cyber insurance to their customers using our co-branded, Coalition-hosted Partner Portal. Learn more about our partnership here.

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“When we look at partnerships, we look at not only how to bring value to our customers, but how to improve their experience with our product. Partnering with technology-first, API-driven companies like Coalition is critical because it enables us to seamlessly integrate, offering a powerful combination of both value and ease-of-use.” — Marcin Kleczynski, CEO of Malwarebytes

Integrate with Coalition

If you are interested in partnering with Coalition, contact our partnership team and we will be in touch.