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Coalition featured on Inc.’s Best Workplaces 2021 list!

Featured Image for Coalition featured on Inc.’s Best Workplaces 2021 list!

2020 was a challenging year between the pandemic and a virtually overnight transition to all-remote work. Despite these challenges, we experienced exceptional growth and worked hard to strengthen our company culture. We are deeply pleased to announce we’ve made the list of Inc.’s Best Workplaces 2021.

Our team has been geographically distributed since our founding and building a collaborative and integrated culture has always been a top priority. We believe every employee contributes to our culture and what connects us is our collective passion for Coalition’s mission and shared dedication to our values. This award is a recognition of our commitment to building a great culture and place to work amidst an evolving environment.

Coalition’s values

We are here today as a result of the hard work and dedication of our people. We consistently work to make them feel valued and help to empower them. We are all in this together with our eyes set on one collective team, one mission, one grand vision — to solve risk. We do this through the cultivation of our core values.

Our core values are more than just a list of words on our careers page. They are a foundational element of our culture, from the hiring process all the way down to our day-to-day operations. Candidates and employees say our commitment to these values is one of the key elements that attracts them to Coalition. We reinforce our values every week and dedicate the end of our all-hands meeting to give out our ‘golden dustpan’ award, which honors those in the company who are willing to go the extra mile and sweep the floors while they do it.

These are the core values Coalition measures everything against:

  • Character:We are never too big to do the small things that need to be done. We balance pride with humility: absolute pride in performance; total humility before the magnitude of the task.

  • Humility:We aren’t afraid to ask questions, including simple ones like: can we do this better?

  • Responsibility:We are building an environment of personal and professional development, in which an individual takes responsibility and shares ownership.

  • Purpose:The more you have to play for, the better you play. We are all here to build something we believe in and to make a company that will last.

  • Authenticity:We refuse to be distracted by the clamor of competitors or the tired industry in which we operate. We have the courage to follow our hearts and intuition.

  • Diversity:The strength of the wolf is the pack. We’ve built an environment where all team members can thrive irrespective of their ideas, creed, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or any other arbitrary subdivision.

“Coalition’s culture document was the first document written in our company. It was intended to establish what we aspire to become. We strive for excellence in all that we do, but we are humble and always willing to learn more. In an ever-changing landscape of cyber risk and competitive pressures, we are authentic to who we are, focused on our own objectives and goals. I remember our company engaging in the monumental task of assisting over 700 policyholders with the recent Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities and seeking support from internal staff. Our CEO was the first to volunteer to help our incident response team. Our cultural values have always begun at the top of our organization and permeate across all levels of Coalition. This culture is what has provided me the most rewarding, challenging, and frankly fun professional environment I have ever been a part of.” — Shawn Ram, Head of Insurance

Holding onto culture during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic and shift to remote work amplified the importance of culture-building efforts. Prior to the pandemic, we held bi-annual offsites with the entire company to foster collaboration, brainstorming, team building, and bonding across teams. While we’ve been unable to host a company-wide offsite since November 2019, we’ve adapted to find other ways to foster connection.

We’ve begun hosting company-wide quarterly kickoffs to rally the team behind our mission and recently hosted our first virtual sales kickoff. Every team has hosted team-building events, ranging from virtual escape rooms to Zoom cooking classes to company trivia. We recently hosted a virtual painting class to celebrate our 4-year anniversary party, and learned that there’s some serious artistic talent on the team.


“We were always distributed. Coalition started in 2017 to solve cyber risk with people around the US. Since then, we've found new colleagues in time zones around the world. The pandemic didn't change that approach. We haven't lost the human element across our team, and our distributed nature served us well in supporting our partners and customers who were forced into a new way of working. Since we postponed our treasured regular company-wide meetings, I do ask strange questions like "How tall are you?" to people I've worked with for more than a year! Regardless of height, I look up to everyone on the team because we're handling uncomfortable growth combined with a global pandemic.” — John Roberts, Head of Product

We’ve accomplished so much in 4 short years

Four years ago, we were a fledgling startup – no products, no customers, no office. Now, with over 45,000 customers, 6 (re)insurance partners, $300 million in funding, and not one but two offices (!), we have a lot to be proud of! Here are just a few things we’ve managed to accomplish over the past four years:

  • Expanded our insurance offering into Canada — cyber risk is a global threat.

  • Grew our team to nearly 200 employees across the globe

  • Added several A+ carriers, including Swiss Re and Arch Insurance

  • Expanded our technology partner offering to our policyholders, including Malwarebytes, Twingate, and more.

And we are just getting started. We have a lot of exciting new products, initiatives, services, and partnerships to share with the insurance and security world — we just can’t tell you about them quite yet. Stay tuned.

Come join our growing team!

As Coalition continues to exceed expectations in the market, we need more driven, innovative thinkers to join our coalition (see what we did there?). We are hiring on almost every team, from underwriting to sales to engineering to product. If you want to help us on our mission to solve risk, check out our open roles. Your next exciting opportunity might be on the other side of that link.