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How we use powerful technical data to personalize cyber insurance

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As a data-centric company, Coalition collects a lot of data, which results in thousands of technical indicators that we use to better personalize cyber insurance and correctly evaluate risk. But, in order to succeed in our mission to solve cyber risk, we need to make this data available to our partners and policyholders.

In addition to the security data we collect as part of our enumeration and scanning efforts, we also handle claims and incident response internally. This gives Coalition a unique view into which technologies are the most dangerous and which vulnerabilities lead to compromise.

These different pieces allow us to create a powerful feedback loop that leads to custom recommendations and advice based on our experiences with security incidents, claims, and interactions with our policyholders.

Today we are proud to announce the availability of two brand new tools — the Coalition Claims Calculator and our enhanced Coalition Risk Assessment.

Coalition Claims Calculator

Our new Claims Calculator, available from Coalition's broker resources page, lets any broker plug in a simple set of inputs to simulate different risk scenarios and assess the cost of different cyber incidents. The calculator is fully customizable for each client and provides limit benchmarking data, case studies, and more.

Our calculator makes it easy to show potential clients how their organizations are exposed to risk when compared to their peers in a language they can understand.

Not only does your client understand their individual risk profile, they also know the expected loss from a claim, which can guide insurance purchasing decisions.

coalition claims calculator

Coalition Risk Assessment

We assess all organizations the way a hacker would, using an outside-in view of their security posture. We’ve packaged this information into our enhanced Coalition Risk Assessment, which provides tailored security findings and recommendations for each client.  

This assessment is powered by our robust security platform, which collects hundreds of thousands of data points on security vulnerabilities globally. We've simplified this data into a client-ready document with personalized recommendations and easy-to-implement security measures to make your clients more secure (and save money on their insurance premiums).

Coalition's Risk Assessment is available for all clients who provide a domain, and you can access it from your broker dashboard.

Coalition Risk Assessment

Coalition Risk Assessment

The report contains multiple new sections. Let's explain what you can expect to see and what types of information you'll find in the new Coalition Risk Assessment:

Coalition Risk Assessment
  1. Executive Summary - A quick overview of your company, your risk exposure, and where your organization lands in the risk ranking. You'll also see levels of vulnerabilities and types of assets found associated with your organization.

  2. Loss Costs and Benchmarking - In this section, we integrate data from the Claims Calculator, which gives you an analysis of monetary value on risk exposure.

  3. Email Security - Email security configurations and tests.

  4. Vulnerabilities - Vulnerabilities detected in assets associated with your organization.

  5. IP and Domain Reputation - Assets detected communicating with our honeypots or detected on blocklists.

  6. Malware - Assets detected found with malware.

  7. DNS - All assets found and tested by us associated with your organization.

  8. Sensitive Information Exposed - Data leaks in 3rd parties associated with your organization.

  9. User Behavior - Quality password analysis used by your organization along with assets found downloading torrents.

Both of these resources are now available for brokers appointed with Coalition. Already appointed? Access the Claims Calculator and Coalition Risk Assessment from your broker dashboard.