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Control Cyber Risk from the Inside Out

Coalition Control™ integrates with cloud providers Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and AWS to allow customers to manage digital risks in a single platform.
Meet PatelApril 16, 2024
Broker Education

Empower Your Clients (and Yourself) With More Visibility Into Cyber Risks

Increased visibility across Coalition's quoting and risk management platforms can empower you as a cyber risk advisor.
Daniel ChungFebruary 20, 2024
Security Labs

Coalition Security Services: More Protection From Cyber Risk

Learn about our expanded security offering, Coalition Security Services, and how it can help protect your business from cyber risks.
John B. RobertsDecember 14, 2023
Security Labs

How to Mitigate the Risks of Internet-Exposed RDP

Learn the risks of internet-exposed Remote desktop protocol (RDP), steps to provide secure remote access, and what Coalition scan data shows about the risk.
Ryan GregoryNovember 20, 2023
Cyber Insurance

How to Improve Client Insurability Using Actionable Security Insights

Businesses can gain a security advantage over threat actors through a deeper understanding of the most common and highly exploitable cybersecurity weaknesses.
Gregory AndersenOctober 24, 2023
Cyber Insurance

How Our Security Support Center Helps Clients Resolve Alerts

Learn how our Security Support Center helps policyholders understand and resolve alerts and critical security findings to avoid cyber insurance claims.
Ryan GregoryOctober 11, 2023
Cyber Insurance

Prioritizing Exposures Gives Clients a Security Advantage

Focusing on the security exposures that are most likely to result in loss allows policyholders to prioritize their time and effort on impactful improvements. 
Mike VolkOctober 04, 2023
Cyber Insurance

Improve Client Insurability With Pre-bind Access to Control

Prospective policyholders can now receive more support from Coalition and streamline the process of resolving pre-bind contingencies.
Mike VolkAugust 31, 2023
Security Labs

Security Alert: What to Know About Threat Actor Volt Typhoon

Microsoft and CISA warned that the Chinese APT Volt Typhoon is targeting critical infrastructure by living off the land. Learn the risks of this technique.
Scott WalshMay 26, 2023
Cyber Insurance

Announcing Control 2.0: Coalition’s Cyber Risk Management Platform

Coalition Control 2.0 is now live for all users, featuring enhanced attack surface monitoring capabilities and improvements to the user interface.
Payal ChakravartyMay 02, 2023
Security Labs

Announcing Coalition Security Labs

Announcing Coalition Security Labs, our research and innovation center providing insights to help face the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.
Tiago HenriquesApril 25, 2023
Security Labs

The Evolution of Ransomware — a cyber claims perspective

Claims Counsel Kirsten Mickelson shares her perspective on how ransomware has evolved over the last decade, plus how Coalition makes a real difference.
Kirsten MickelsonOctober 19, 2022
Cyber Insurance

Coalition cyber insurance: We need all of your business domains to protect them

All businesses take steps to ensure their locations remain secure and operational. One of the steps you might take is to install a security system to monitor attempts to access the premises after hours, alert you to fires, etc. You may also contract with a security company to monitor alerts for you.
Michael CarrDecember 13, 2021
Life at Coalition

Coalition Control: Invite your security team to our attack surface monitoring

If you haven’t heard of Coalition Control by now, prepare to get excited. During the White House cybersecurity summit, Control was lauded as a cybersecurity solution that can help any organization monitor their attack surface for vulnerabilities.
Will AndreDecember 06, 2021
Security Labs

Cybersecurity Education: Improving the cybersecurity posture of your WordPress instance

All organizations should implement a strong cybersecurity program that includes regular patching and security software as a best practice. The more popular a program is, the more vulnerable it can be to sophisticated attacks, or even simply efforts to phish the credentials of key users.
Brandon GlandtDecember 02, 2021