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Coalition Control: Invite your security team to our attack surface monitoring


If you haven’t heard of Coalition Control by now, prepare to get excited. During the White House cybersecurity summit, Control was lauded as a cybersecurity solution that can help any organization monitor their attack surface for vulnerabilities. Recently, we released some great updates to Control for all Coalition policyholders. One of the most exciting features of the insurance industry’s leading cyber risk management solution is the ability to invite your organization’s security and IT professionals.

It takes a Coalition to guard a village

Organizations today are taking on more and more risk with every email sent, every file opened, every service subscribed to, and every employee logged in. We don’t say this to alarm anyone but rather paint the picture of just how pervasive and insidious risk is to any organization. While organizations of all sizes are affected by the ever-changing landscape of digital risks, the fact remains: the bigger the organization, the faster the risk multiplies, and the bigger it ultimately becomes.

Everyone has a part to play when it comes to guarding your organization (aka your village). Through vigilance, awareness, and proper escalation procedures, literally everyone within an organization can help keep it secure. That said, not everyone is an expert in security, and no well-managed village would expect their Director of Sanitation to also lead their arts programs.

We understand that the individual who purchased a cyber insurance policy for their organization is often not the same person responsible for maintaining its security posture. So, we built Coalition Control for teams. Now, the person signing on the dotted line to protect their organization with the industry’s leading cyber insurance coverage can also bring their security or IT practitioners into our active risk monitoring to identify and remediate vulnerabilities on their attack surface.

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Click, type, invite

We’ve made it simple to invite the right people to Coalition Control. Whether you’re inviting coworkers or external service providers (such as an MSSP), they not only get access to the attack surface monitoring in the platform, but they also receive security alerts whenever new critical vulnerabilities are discovered. If you’re a business leader, you definitely want to invite your security experts, IT team, or service providers. Here’s all you have to do.

Step 1

Log in to Coalition Control.


Step 2

Click 'Invite' in the top right-hand corner of the screen.


Step 3

Enter the email addresses of the team members or service providers you want to invite. Enter one email address at a time, and remember, you can invite people outside of your organization and on different domains than your own.


Click 'Invite Now' after each email address and those users will be sent invitations to view your attack surface in Coalition Control and get security alerts when new critical vulnerabilities require their attention.

Security awareness never stops

In our modern world where everything has been digitized or otherwise moved to the cloud, it’s important to remember that security awareness is an ongoing process. As technologies evolve, so do the risks associated with them. At Coalition we play an active role in keeping your organization ahead of risks that could turn into threats or liabilities. This is why we’ve made Coalition Control available to teams, so that the right person can respond when new vulnerabilities arise.

Oh, and by the way, Coalition Control offers free attack surface monitoring for any organization; you don’t need to be a cyber insurance policyholder to get some of the benefits of our industry-leading cyber risk management platform. Sign up and try it out for your organization right now.