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Broker Education

Streamlining insurance from quote to bind

Coalition’s newest and most impactful product updates can help our broker partners streamline cyber insurance from quote to bind.
Sophia KudlykJanuary 24, 2023
Life at Coalition

Coalition’s unshakeable mission: Why I joined

Insurance veteran Stephen Wares shares why he joined Coalition as Head of Risk Engineering, Europe, to help launch our cyber insurance offering in the UK.
Stephen WaresSeptember 27, 2022
Life at Coalition

Why I joined Coalition after 10 years at VMware Carbon Black

Joe Toomey, Head of Security Engineering at Coalition, shares why he joined the mission to mitigate cyber risk after nearly three decades in tech.
Joe ToomeyAugust 30, 2022
Security Labs

Centralizing Security Automation with GitHub Reusable Actions

An overview of how Coalition deployed Static Analysis (SAST) technology to keep security a priority in software development.
Anthony TurnerJuly 21, 2022
Life at Coalition

One year at Coalition and counting: An insider’s view of insurtech

Bob Wilkinson, Head of Engineering, reflects on a year at Coalition. Learn from an insider what insurtech is and how it can transform the insurance industry.
Bob WilkinsonOctober 04, 2021
Life at Coalition

Q&A with Kelsey: How one software engineering manager leads with honesty to solve complex problems

Meet Kelsey Davis, Software Engineer Manager at Coalition. Find out why Kelsey believes leading with honesty is important and what drew her to Coalition.
Stephanie PintoSeptember 16, 2021
Cyber Insurance

Move fast and don’t break things: Coalition’s risk backtesting

Coalition systems assess a lot of cyber risk daily. Rapid backtesting allows us to update our decisioning systems and maintain integrity.
Evan CurtainSeptember 09, 2021
Security Labs

Coalition scanning engine helps policyholders respond to Exchange ProxyShell vulnerability

Coalition’s ability to pinpoint cyber risks and offer dedicated support is unique. Our scanning engine helps policyholders respond to the most recent Exchange vulnerability.
Scott WalshAugust 16, 2021
Broker Education

Risk engineering at Coalition: Collaboration to solve, mitigate cyber risk

Coalition’s unique approach to underwriting evaluates risk like a hacker. Learn more about how collaboration and data (lots of data) define our methods.
Christopher MasakiAugust 03, 2021
Cyber Insurance

Data science at Coalition: Building real-time feature computation with Snowflake + DBT

Insurance providers compete to win clients amidst changing market conditions. Data science can help by predicting the likelihood of winning new clients. 
Nelson AunerJune 22, 2021
Life at Coalition

6 months at Coalition: The move from FAANG to high-growth startup

Bob Wilkinson, Head of Engineering, just hit his 6-month mark at Coalition. He went from FAANG to a high-growth startup. He's not looking back. What has he learned?
Bob WilkinsonApril 14, 2021
Life at Coalition

How we are building engineering culture at Coalition

This is how we plan to build a world-class engineering culture at Coalition that is capable of scaling with our customers, products, and team.
Bob WilkinsonOctober 20, 2020
Life at Coalition

Why I left Amazon and joined Coalition

For the last six years, I was the General Manager for CloudWatch and X-Ray at Amazon Web Services.
Bob WilkinsonOctober 05, 2020