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Cyber Insurance

The Tremendous Opportunity (and Threat) of Artificial Intelligence

When considering the benefits of artificial intelligence, striking the right balance is essential in Coalition's commitment to protecting the unprotected.
Gregory AndersenNovember 29, 2023
Cyber Insurance

Coalition becomes approved Lloyd’s coverholder in the UK

Coalition is now operating as an approved Lloyd’s coverholder in the UK, adding capacity to help us protect even more clients.
John B. RobertsJanuary 18, 2023
Broker Education

Empowering Brokers with Active Risk Assessment

Coalition’s insurance coverage includes an Active Risk Assessment, streamlining a broker’s ability to compile an insured’s risk profile, optimizing quoting.
Sophia KudlykMarch 30, 2022
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Cyber insurance pricing shouldn’t be a secret: Here’s how we do it at Coalition

To accurately set prices for Coalition cyber insurance, we review your business' risk management controls, best practices, and underlying technology stack.
Austin AtenJanuary 20, 2022
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Coalition coverage: Can you recover your funds from a fraudulent transfer?

You’ve experienced a funds transfer fraud event. Find out how your Coalition cyber insurance policy will attempt to recover the funds and get you back to business.
Michael CarrSeptember 23, 2021
Cyber Insurance

Move fast and don’t break things: Coalition’s risk backtesting

Coalition systems assess a lot of cyber risk daily. Rapid backtesting allows us to update our decisioning systems and maintain integrity.
Evan CurtainSeptember 09, 2021
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Cyber insurance’s five-year evolution: From the eyes of a production underwriter in Canada

Underwriter Kelly McGuinness shares how the cyber insurance market in Canada has evolved and how Coalition has adapted to meet changing market needs.
Kelly McGuinnessAugust 23, 2021
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We can’t help you protect what we can’t find: Why Coalition needs a comprehensive list of business domains

Property insurance requires you to assess your business locations. Cyber coverage is no different; that's why we assess all domains to evaluate your risk.
Michael CarrJuly 21, 2021
Cyber Insurance

Underwriting ransomware: Our unique approach and what it means for our customers

We underwrite based on our detailed assessment of an applicant’s technology, as opposed to a cookie-cutter requirement that certain industries or company sizes fall into.
Michael CarrMay 07, 2021
Cyber Insurance

If you can’t measure risk, you can’t solve it: why New York’s DFS created a ‘Cyber Insurance Risk Framework’

New York's DFS acknowledges the importance of cyber insurance and asserts that “cyber insurance plays a key role in managing and reducing cyber risk.”
Rich GatzMarch 25, 2021
Cyber Insurance

Coalition and Swiss Re announce long-term partnership on their cyber programs

Swiss Re has been a partner since our launch in 2018, and they have strengthened their commitment following our strong growth and performance.
Shawn RamMarch 11, 2021
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Improving Cyber Underwriting with Active Learning